Carnoustie Championship Course, Home of The Open 2018

By Evan Chronis June 29, 2018

After a decade-long hiatus, The Open Championship is returning to the Carnoustie Championship Course this year. While the course boasts an almost 500-year history, it's more notorious in the golf community for its vigorous difficulty and unpredictable weather patterns.


With a majority of golf's biggest names still reeling from the difficult course conditions at the 2018 U.S. Open, Carnoustie should provide another worthy adversary for the game's best

This course has a personality unlike most. Due to its position inland of the North Sea, the course is susceptible to highs winds that can blow even the best of drives any way off the narrow course's path. The links almost encourage the wind conditions to be a main character with its direction changing hole by hole. The angles of the course are also consistently changing. Carnoustie is a fairly sand-filled course, with oblong bunkers that some balls seem to almost have a magnetic attraction to. The walls of the bunkers are high, and are prone to trap even some of the best golfers in the world. 

Basically, if you win the Claret Jug at Carnoustie, you've earned it.

There's an idea of Carnoustie being a course that you can split into three parts: the first third is about getting ahead, the second third is about maintaining whatever score you have, and the final third is about pure survival. Lets take a look at some of the final holes at Carnoustie that will prove to be a test of attrition and will be the deciding factor of The Open 2018. 

The 15th Hole

As stamina and morale get low, the 15th hole at Carnoustie starts one of the hardest tests in the game. This Par-4, nicknamed the "Lucky Slap," features a tight fairway that refuses to maintain balance throughout its length. Before the green lies four separate bunkers that highlight a hill right before your ball can reach putting distance. The only flat part of this entire hole just so happens to be the green.

The 16th Hole

Maybe the most intimidating Par-3 in all of Scotland comes on the 16th hole. In fact, scoring par on this hole is one of the rarest feats possible on the entire course. At The 2007 Open, this hole recorded the second fewest number of birdies all week (19). The 16th is 248 yards in length and is riddled with bunkers around the entire green. 

The 18th Hole

Tail ending what is considered the toughest finish in golf is the monstrous 18th hole. Fairway bunkers line the majority of the right-hand side of the fairway, leading to many golfers over compensating and hooking their drives too far to the left. The 499-yard hole has a water trap right before the approach to the green, and a green that features two huge bunkers on its respective sides. 

Carnoustie Quick Hits

  • Par 71
  • 7,402 total yards
  • Last held The Open Championship in 2007
  • Nicknamed "Car-nasty" by some golfers, referencing the course's extreme difficulty
  • Carnoustie is the longest of any of the venues for The Open


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